Benefits of Feeding Raw Food

Benefits of Feeding Raw Food

Why Feed Raw? 8 Benefits of Raw Dog Food Diet

The raw pet food industry’s popularity is increasing, and more pet owners are switching to a raw food diet for their pets. If you’re considering natural feeding your pet dog, the first question you may be asking yourself is this:

What is a raw dog food diet, and how will it benefit my dog? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand raw feeding better, its benefits, and why many pet owners have transitioned from commercial dog food to this more natural diet. 

Raw Feeding Explained

Raw feeding or raw dog food diet is the practice of feeding dogs with uncooked muscle meat, raw whole or ground bones, and organ meat. It may also include seeds, herbs, and vegetation. 

Principally, the diet focuses on feeding your dog raw, natural food similar to those eaten by their canine ancestors. After all, the anatomy of dogs is naturally capable of eating raw meat on the regular. Their bodies can digest uncooked food and process any microorganisms that can make humans sick. 

We know how commercial dog food products can be a much more convenient option since they are easily accessible. However, the process of making them damages valuable enzymes from raw products, such as meat and vegetation, that dogs need for proper digestion. Add preservatives and additives to that equation, and you’d probably think twice if a processed dog food is still the top choice for your pet dog’s health.

The Top Benefits of Raw Food Diet for Dogs

There have been debates about raw feeding for dogs for so long, including its safety and risks. Despite this, we cannot deny that the raw food diet has tons of benefits for our dogs! If you are still not sure, here are some of them. 


Have you ever noticed your dog experiencing digestive discomfort after feeding them with processed dog food or kibble? 

One explanation is that dogs need digestive enzymes for proper food digestion. When food, like raw meat, is cooked or processed, these enzymes get damaged, affecting their overall metabolism. Thus, a gassy stomach or poor digestion. With the raw dog food diet, these things can be the least of your concern.  


Raw feeding directly affects your pet’s stool. Dogs on a raw food diet generally have smaller, less smelly, and more solid stool than dogs on a commercial food diet. This is because dogs digest and absorb raw food faster and better, thus less excretion since their body is utilizing most of the food. 


Did you know that raw feeding is good for your dog’s dental health as well? Unlike humans, dogs do not produce an enzyme called amylase that helps break down food. As a result, feeding your dogs cooked, canned, or kibble food often leads to faster tartar and plaque buildup. Raw feeding prevents such dental problems as it helps clean the teeth as they crush and grind the meaty bones. With raw feeding, you can kiss your dog’s stinky breath goodbye!


Who wouldn’t love to see shiny, soft furs on our precious pet dogs, right? Not only does it make them attractive, but we also know that it means that our dogs are happy and, most importantly, healthy! The conditions of our pets’ skin and coat gauge their overall health. Thus, their skin and coat must be of good state. 

Raw feeding provides our canine companions with all the necessary bioavailable nutrition to have healthy skin and coat. When the skin and coat are in good condition, you’d also notice less shedding over time.

Not just that. Since most skin conditions and allergies are associated with nutrition, the raw food diet is one way to help alleviate such discomforts. Switching to a raw diet helps treat not just the symptoms but also the cause of the problem.


The raw dog food diet helps boost your dog’s immune system and prevents infections and diseases. Several factors affect immunity and overall health, but the food is a crucial component.

Unfortunately, many pet owners somehow compromise their dog’s health and well-being by giving them a poor diet. Processed dog food, for one, does not provide the necessary amount of nutrients for dogs to sustain good health. Also, these products may contain harmful chemicals from additives and preservatives. 

With raw feeding, such concerns can be eliminated as raw, unprocessed food provides the proper nutrition to promote a healthy immune system.


We have been emphasizing that nutrition is a vital factor in achieving your dog’s optimum health. The same goes if you’re looking to increase your dog’s stamina, strength, and energy level. 

Fortunately, you can easily accomplish this with raw feeding. Pet owners who have been practicing the raw food diet find improvement in their dogs’ vitality and vigor. Their pets, even older dogs, show more energy after switching to raw feeding. The reason? Since raw-fed dogs spend less energy digesting food, they have more excess energy for other things. Raw feeding also gives them the crucial nutrients they need to feel great.


One of the most noteworthy advantages of the raw dog food diet is that it promotes healthier weight in our canine friends. It varies from one dog to another – some lose excess weight, while others gain needed weight. Regardless, the bottom line is that this type of pet diet balances your dog’s system and allows them to attain optimum weight. It ensures that your dog stays lean, healthy, and strong. 


Your pet dog’s overall health and well-being should be top on your list of priorities. Fortunately, improved overall health is one of the many benefits of the raw food diet. By providing your dog the right kind of diet and lifestyle, you can be at peace that your canine companion is off to a long and healthy life.