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Tips for Transition To Raw Feeding

Are you thinking of finally switching to the raw dog food diet, but not too sure how to start? The transition is easier than you think! Find all useful information below to get started on raw feeding your dogs.

Methods of Transitioning to Raw Food Diet

A successful transition to a raw food diet usually takes up to 3 weeks. There are many known methods used when transitioning to raw feeding, but the most commonly used are the Rapid Switch and Gradual Switch.

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Cold Turkey Switch

The Rapid Switch

The Rapid Switch, otherwise known as the Cold Turkey Switch, is an immediate switch to raw feeding.

Who can use this method?

  • Puppies and young dogs


  • It’s a simple and easy transition approach to raw feeding.
  • Generally, healthy dogs should be able to do a rapid switch with minimal digestive discomfort.


  • It may not be a smooth transition for older dogs. The cold turkey switch may result in digestive distress, diarrhea, and other forms of gastrointestinal discomfort.

Slow Switch

The Gradual Switch

The Gradual Switch gradually introduces raw food into a dog’s current diet. It usually takes three days to two weeks to make the full transition, depending on your dog’s age, weight, and activity level.

Who can use this method?

  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs with a sensitive stomach or chronic illnesses


  • It decreases the risk of any GI upset.


  • It may still result in digestive distress, diarrhea, and other forms of gastrointestinal discomfort during the transition phase.
  • The entire process can take days or weeks.

How to do the Gradual Switch

Start the transition by gradually replacing the usual food servings with raw food, until the diet consists of 100% raw food, but keep each feeding separate. Never combine raw with kibble in one meal because they are processed
at different rates.

Raw Dog Food Feeding Tips

  • Fast your dogs for 12-24 hours before feeding them with raw food for the first time. It allows time to digest any leftover food and clear out the GI tract.
  • Start with raw meats that are easier to digest.
  • Your dog’s first raw meal should be at room temperature and not icy cold. Serve the first half of the meal and wait for 10 to 20 minutes before giving the remaining portion.
  • You can use probiotics to enhance digestion.

What to Expect After the Switch

  • Gastrointestinal upset like gas and vomiting during the transition phase since the digestive system is still adjusting to a raw diet.
  • Decreased water consumption as raw food contains lots of moisture.
  • Smaller and less frequent stool. However, dogs may have temporary loose stools during the transition since they are still adjusting to raw food.
  • Some senior dogs may require a longer time to transition to a raw dog food diet fully. Allow at least 14 days for their bodies to adjust gradually and fully adapt to this new diet.
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